Clinical Case Study Guide for CNS

The Losses in Lulu's Legs Larry's Lone Lazy Leg Diabetic Drew's Diplopia
Paul's Paroxysmal Pains Holly's Heart and Hamstrings Dashing Dan's Diplopia
Dudley's Dysarthria Gertie's Gait Vomiting Vernon's Vertigo
Sam's Spinning Silent Howard's Hemi-... Reflection: Triple Flexion
Bab's Breaking Body Little Tommy's Tilted Cracked Pot Martini Memories
Stan's Stab in the Back Heart Leak, Couldn't Speak, Arm's Weak But Now I'm Sober!
Frank's Flaccid Face Soused Stu's Stockings Frankly Forgetful Frank
Will's Worsening Weakness Adeline's Atrophy Harry's Hemianopsia
Molly's Motor Malaise What A Stiff! The Queen's Quadraplegia

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Mammalian Neuroanatomy, MEDS 384

Douglas Oliver, Ph.D., Dept. of Neuroscience, University of Connecticut Health Center